Friday, 4 November 2011

The Scottish Ballet at Sadler's Wells

Sadler's Wells is the home of international ballet and so I was thrilled to be invited by one of our bloggers who just so happens to work for the Scottish Ballet company to see their latest offering which was only on for two nights.

I get to see ballet so infrequently I do get a bit giddy with excitement. My parents always used to take us to the ballet once a year and as a child I never left the theatre without feeling six inches taller myself and skipping down the pavement. I still feel like I want to make balletic poses with my arms (10 years of ballet classes have left me with at least a knowledge of what you should do if not any actual real talent). I want to float on air, I want a body which is an amazing machine of great strength and fluidity, and I want to lose myself in dance even if for a short while.... Back down here on earth I can do none of these things but what I can do is appreciate those that can and hence this post.

The Scottish Ballet are excellent and this night showcased a double bill. It is rare you get a full orchestra accompaniment who were superb as were the singers. The first piece was a new work, Kings 2 Ends by Jorma Elo, resident choreographer at the Boston Ballet. This used a contrasting mix of Mozart's Violin Concerto No. 1 and Double Sextet by Steve Reich. We were quite swept away by the quirkiness of the choreography and the music and 45 minutes went by in a flash. The second piece was a classic Kenneth MacMillan masterpiece 'Song of the Earth' set to Mahler. If you get a chance to catch this evening of ballet do so - you'll be enthralled and will want to do those ballet arms all the way home, just like I did.... And if you don't look out for the Scottish Ballet next year - they have a few exciting surprises up their sleeves!

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