Sunday, 13 November 2011

All the brights for Spring/Summer 2012 at Jaeger and Coast

Think citrus and soft acids in terms of Spring/Summer colours on the high-street from January onwards. I have put away my brights for another day and have entered into my winter wardrobe of muted browns and greys with a flash of jewel purple or red. So these gorgeous colours will make a welcome change when they hit the rails...

Here is a sneak preview from Jaeger and Coast.

Apologies - these shots were all taken with my Blackberry but you get the drift. Skyscraper wedges still going strong with hot orange the predominant colour at Jaeger.

So pretty - this dress with a multitude of floral fabric cut-outs makes for day-wear or dressing up at Coast.

Lots of rhinestone and gems - grown up bits of flash at Coast.

And more orange - this time mixing plains and tiny patterns with simple shapes at Jaeger.

This rail at Coast best demonstrates the mix and match approach for the coming S/S season - can't wait!

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