Saturday, 1 October 2011

My Unintentional Winter Haul... from TKMaxx

Okay so at a loose end this morning (and the sun was shining) I decided to go take a look at the delights that Enfield Town has to offer. I'm too lazy to go anywhere more exciting and frankly, it's too damn hot. What I had forgotten was that Enfield boasts (if this is a boast I'm really not sure) a TKMaxx and as it was only a couple of weeks since I attended a TKMaxx press day I decided to check it out.

Two hours later (yes, you read that right a full two hours later) I left the store with a new winter coat, a black jersey pencil skirt and two pairs of shoes. I only meant to pick up a couple of french bread sticks from Waitrose, but then I'm from a line of women which includes a grandmother who went out for a pint of milk and came back with a fur coat, but that's quite another story...

I wasn't the only mad woman on a day that was looking likely to break heat records trying on winter coats, sweaters and hats either, there were loads of us, but not enough to make it an unpleasant experience. TKMaxx big's up their designer element and it's fair to say they do have some real bargains. However you have to be prepared to painstakingly search the rails and racks of clothes to find those hidden gems. But it is worth it and what they lack in style they make up for in friendly and helpful staff so it ain't all bad.

Riding the crest of the shopping wave I then hit Monsoon who had a 50% sale and bought a rather pretty little dress that will be a great between season number with tights and, oh yes the new heels.

Purchase of the day my Antoni & Alison winter coat for £99.99 instead of £390!

Gorgeously soft Unisa pumps in black suede for £35 instead of £85.

These heels are truly comfortable but then they are Hush Puppies (just don't tell anyone) - £29.99 instead of £65.

Haven't added the pencil skirt as we all know what one of those looks like, but here's the little dress which has a bit of a Tea Dress thing going on. You can't see it really but it has a deep frill on the bottom and is very, very soft. Half price bargain at £27.99!

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