Thursday, 27 October 2011

Ila Spa - pamper yourself naturally

Last night I was lucky enough to get to meet (for the second time no less) the simply fabulous Denise Leicester, founder of spa brand IlaSpa. Denise is one of those women who when you start to listen to her talk,  has you enthralled and hanging on her every word. Don’t get me wrong – she’s not in-yer-face like so many company owners who give good vocal, no, Denise is soft and gentle and to be honest, we’d all like her as a best friend/mum/favourite auntie. She has a passion for what she does, and with her gentle and caring nature it is no surprise that small collectives and big hotels all want to be involved with her products. She travels the world to find new ingredients and new treatments to develop into her product range and I must say the range is, quite simply, superb! Buying them also helps out so many small communities who produce her raw ingredients and she has a personal relationship with villagers in places like Pakistan, India, and Morocco.

It’s a stressful time for most people at the moment – I know I’m stressed out and so are most of those around me! So anything that aids us in managing to relax, take time out and simply look after ourselves for once has got to be good, so I am passing on Denise’s recipe for a ritual that will get us all back on a more balanced and even keel.

Block out 2 hours of uninterrupted time. Turn off the TV, phone, computer.
Then of course here’s a bit of a sell in terms of products but having used them in the past an investment is highly recommended... A combination of Ila Spa Bath Salts for Inner Peace, Body Scrub for a blissful experience, Body Balm for feeding skin and senses, Inner peace candle, incense for purity and an eye pillow. If this is placed in the freezer a few hours before it will be extra cooling and effective.
You will also need a hot water bottle, ginger, lemon, honey, tea, some stemmed flowers. Make yourself a pot of cleansing tea by grilling two halves of a ginger stem, then crushing it and adding to a flask or teapot with lemon/lime juice, hot water and honey. Allow to steep for five minutes.

Prepare a hot water bottle and spray the eye pillow with Ila Spa Dreamtime Spray (or something similar). Make your bed or a sofa as comfortable as possible with pillows. To prepare the bathroom roll up a soft warm towel, run and bath and add a scoop of Inner Peace Bath Salts. Light a candle and relax... Use the body scrub, relax for 15 minutes and slowly regulate and deepen your breathing. When thoughts come in and out of your mind, accept them and let go of them and connect with your breathing again.

Leave the bath and go to your relaxation spot. Sip the ginger tea, lie down and place your feel on the hot water bottle (ideally covered with a blanket). Place a pillow under your knees and the cool perfumed eye pillow over your eyes and relax. The cool of the eye pillow and warmth of the the bottle is a Tibetan ritual to take the stress from the body giving renewed energy.

Now you know why I’d quite like Denise to adopt me! To learn more about Denise and her wonderful spa range visit Ila Spa.

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