Thursday, 25 August 2011

Latest Spa Treats from Burt's Bees

I know I've gone on a lot in the past about how much I love Burt's Bees products - and I still do!

They've now gone one step further and are launching (from September so not long to go) a Spa range so you can get the benefit of these natural and gorgeous smelling products from head-to-toe.

There are three main flavours in the range. Mango and orange are combined to revitalise, honey and shea provide relaxation and cranberry and pomegranate replenish. It was the latter that I tried in the form of the body bar (£4.99, 140g), sugar scrub (£12.99, 225g) and body butter (£12.99, 185g). I wasn't disappointed...

They smell heavenly. The body bar was ideal both for all-over washing and for giving yourself a home foot treatment. I followed this with the scrub which has LOADS of sugar - so is really effective. On removal the oils make your skin feel soft and moisturised. I almost didn't need the body butter but I'm glad I got it - it's heavenly and easily absorbed.

I would be more than happy to get all three of these as a present (Christmas anyone?).
The Burt's Bees Spa range is available from Burt's Bees from September 2011.

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