Monday, 13 June 2011

Top five handbags for Summer 2011

I am happy that the designer handbag with designer price tag is less of an obsession these days. In fact I haven't seen the likes of Coleen Rooney or Victoria Beckham gracing the pages of a weekly fashion mag clutching (or being dragged down by - let's face it) an over-sized bag whose price-tag would pay about six months of my mortgage, for quite a while now.
Victoria Beckham and Hermes bag  Photo

When we are in full recession mode and job safety is a worry for most in the country, a new and expensive handbag is a bit embarrassing really and I, for one, would feel a bit silly lusting after a handbag in the way that I would have done only a couple of years back. Women and handbags (and shoes) have a strange relationship. I was fascinated by a programme the other week which highlighted the almost primeval draw that we have towards expensive accessories. They wired a woman up to a machine to study her brainwaves as she was shown images of bags, some expensive and some cheap. Her brain activity went wild when she was presented with an expensive designer leather bag, and was dormant when shown the cheap high-street alternative. So does this say we are all doomed to desiring those things we cannot afford even when all around us is unstable and bleak? Are we to resort to aversion therapy with electric shocks to accompany the photographs of the well-made and desirable? I hope not. I hope to see our salvation in the high-street so to kick-start another week of doom and gloom headlines and sudden summer downpours, I give you five of my favourite and most affordable handbags that are roomy enough to carry all my summer clobber (like an umbrella and extra pair of thermals) yet make a bit of a statement for under £100... So you see, recession or no recession I still can't resist a new bag....

Faux crocodile tote bag by Betty Jackson for  Designers at Debenhams, £96

Principles by Ben de Lisi navy, beige and cream  bag  £28 from Designers at Debenhams

Messenger bags are big this summer, this beige  version is just £24.99 from River Island

A soft red leather satchel with tan trim comes in at an affordable £95 from Top Shop

Gloriously shiny and bang on the money in terms of  colour and shape, this  Per Una  shopper is a perfect buy for £28.

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