Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Skin-care that smooths out the wrinkles

Skincare is a touchy subject when you get to a certain age. Do expensive creams really benefit or are we just beguilded by exotic ingredients and even more exotic promises? I have been battling the wrinkles for at least a decade now so am happy to share the products I have really thoroughly tried with you all - and give an honest opinion.

So here is the daily moisturiser that has been putting a smile on my face for about the last six weeks.

Readily available over the counters in the high-street, Roc Sublime Energy Day Cream is a two-stage cream which really does iron out the wrinkles. The first cream comes out charcoal grey which is an initial worry, but fear not it is quickly absorbed leaving your skin looking smooth and beautiful in terms of texture. The second cream goes over the top and thoroughly moisturises.

Now for the science bit which you can take or leave at will...
 This cream creates and delivers natural levels of electricity to the skin which helps stimulate the skin's rejuvenation process. The first cream contains zinc and copper minerals which react to do this and the second an active moisturiser. So it all works to get the skin producing those essential proteins such as collagen and elastin which keeps us young looking.

I am impressed. Although it won't banish deep wrinkles my skin really did look significantly brighter and any open pores (which are another sign of aging without the wrinkles) were miraculously filled-in. And my skin feels moisturised throughout the day without it feeling too rich. This can be found at all good beauty counters or here.

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