Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Flattering and comfortable alternative to jeans...

Jeans... We've all got 'em. We all love 'em. They don't always love us back quite the way they should. Sometimes they expose too much of a love-handle, sometimes they just grab in all the wrong places, and sometimes by the end of the day it's just a bit exhausting wearing them. If you are under 35 you won't get this at all but I bet the girls over 35 know what I mean by jeans being HARD WORK.

If you have any curves at all the result is often the dreaded muffin-top which even long sweaters can struggle to hide.

So it's a delight to come across an alternative which crosses the age divide, looks good, is comfortable to wear and is cheap as chips.

The cargo pant or utility trouser has come to the rescue of those who want something on-trend but not too young. Most of the styles are skinny this season, it's true, but look hard enough and you'll find more generous pairs and if not, do as I did and buy the size up.

These are my favourites and I have them in slate grey, £29.99 from Uniqlo.

Next month I'm buying them in a lighter more summery colour - they are that good.

Alternatively look out for these babies from ASOS at £35...

Or trading up a tad you could opt for these at French Connection for a cool £77.

Back at the cheaper end of the high-street and less skinny than many, I found these from River Island again at a competitive £29.99.

More interesting than a pair of chinos, more comfortable than jeans, I am wedded to my cargos this summer.

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